DJ GIAA ‘Vol.1’ – Review

Spinning a narrative masterpiece is no mean feat. Nevertheless, DJ GIAA makes it look easy in his newest offering: an album entitled ‘Vol.1 ’.Track after track DJ GIAA manages to entrance the listeners with his own unique brand of afro-futurism.

Vol.1 inhabits the stylistic and genre trappings of afrobeats, transforming them to elevate consciousness for good. DJ GIAA is on the forefront of how the world views this genre of music and leaves an undeniable mark on the musical landscape.

It’s incredibly impressive how well DJ GIAA has blended these elements to create cohesive songs. Even more impressive is the fact that all of these tracks can stand on their own as impactful and memorable. 

The lead single from this album is ‘Fire By Force’ which is the perfect taster into DJ GIAA’s unique and innovative production stylings. This uplifting and energetic instrumental is the embodiment of AfroFuturism and is a brilliant introductory to this compelling album. 

It is clear that DJ GIAA worked incredibly hard on this album, paying special attention to the tiny details but also how the whole album plays out from start to finish. 

It will be interesting to see what DJ GIAA does next. For now however, Vol.1 is out on all streaming platforms.