Davie Furey ‘History’ – Review

Davie Furey is setting out to make his triumphant return with a brand new single ‘History’ set for release 4/05. 

This latest offering  is a motivational celtic rock anthem. Fused with traditional celtic music and classic rock and the lyrics pack a punch too. 

Along with the traditional Celtic influences, come the classic indie/60s rock vocals, playing on rougher vocal quality and a sing-song melody. These raw tones make the song more accessible to the listener. In fact this almost makes it feel as though one is already hearing the song live. 

‘History’ stirs a sense of courage and morale in anyone listening to it. The chorus cry “It’s our time to make a little history” ties together the single’s undeniable and moving call to action.

Be sure to check out ‘History’ when it’s released on the 4/05 but for now check out some of Davie Furey’s previous awesome work, linked below.