Easton Guillory ‘End Of The Walls’ – Review

Embarking into 2022 with experimental, prog rock / indie EP, Easton Guillory’s long-awaited debut EP End Of The Walls, was worth the wait. 

Set between the discussions of and the exploration of working class culture and the surrounding  taboo – listeners are treated to a vulnerable yet welcoming 6-track EP from the new kid on the Leeds scene. 

As they tap within the productions of prog-rock with the staple sounds of cheeky, modern indie, Easton opens his account with a track to immededity draw the audience in ‘fake’. Amid the delicate string section, Easton leads vocal tones with hints of musical theatre in his voice. 

Speaking about the project, Easton  elaborated: When I moved to Leeds, I could fully express myself but part of that meant carrying the stereotypes of my upbringing with me. Although I had my share of rough experiences, I wanted audiences to see the beauty of my community too. I see the way people’s faces change when I start singing. They think ‘Hang on. Maybe there’s more here than meets the eye’.”

Following through, listeners’ last stop  on the EP delves into the feelings of the issues faced within working class culture within the titular track ‘End of the walls’ – told through the fast-paced euphoric sounds of intricate melodies and specific lyricism. 

With his continuous glow into the music scene, Easton is ready to take on domination.