‘Lullaby for Our Daughters’ – Review

Michael Tinholme has recently released his latest single ‘Lullaby for Our Daughters’ in celebration of Women’s history month. What makes this single stand out in the crowd is that Tinholme’s pure emotion can connect with every audience as he sings about peace and unity. 

What Tinhomle does so well is catch the emotion and connection between parents and their children and uses his talent to capture that raw emotion into this heartfelt ballad. 

“When singing “Lullaby for Our Daughters” over two years ago now. I imagined a first-time father or parent walking the room, and singing their daughter to sleep. And how his, and our hopes and dreams and worries for that child, our children, all children, gives all of our lives greater meaning and purpose for a better future. I congratulate Mike Garson and Nnenna Freelon for giving the world a beautiful song which is also a wonderful prayer for a more hopeful and peaceful tomorrow.”

So get ready for Michael Tinholme to pull on your heartstrings with ‘Lullaby for Our Daughters’ available on all streaming platforms now!