Alan Dweck gives stunning performance of ‘Melting Icicles’

From the release of his excellent album Entangled Moments, Alan Dweck delivered an equally compelling performance of his single “Melting Icicles”.

Alan Dweck’s remaster of this classic single has given the track a new lease of life and left the focus purely on his stunning vocals that come through amazingly in this live performance. 

Dweck’s vulnerable, emotional vocals are complemented by a haunting backing track of a gentle piano and hazy drums. 

Taking inspiration from the greats such as Pink Floyd, David Bowie and Lou Reed. Dweck certainly has a lot of prog rock influences that shines through, along with hints of jazz and classical.  

With a goosebump-rising instrumental section towards the end of the track – just slotting into the live performance. It really brought the track to life in a live setting. Showcasing what a natural performer Dweck is.