A Chat With: Reed Blue

Remastering your previous work is an open door for opportunity, to settle regrets and artist imperfections that may afflict the artist upon every listen to their own work. In the case of Ticino-based chill-hop artist Reed Blue and his almighty cut ‘Shadow Trip’, he returns to the lucid soundscapes to focus on the track’s core message and we had the fortune to pick the brain behind it all to find out more….

HY: At the moment, who is your favourite artist who is under the radar and why?

I don’t know if they are under the radar at the moment but recently I have been enjoying listening to rappers such as Conway the Machine and Westside Gunn. Other times I like to listen to jazzy-pop-abstract music of artists like Burnt Friedmann and Flanger. But one of my favourite artists is me. 😉

HY: Why is it, you think, so many talented musicians go completely unnoticed?

For different reasons. Probably one of the main reasons is that they do music that is not trendy, not standard, not of appetite for the media and music industry in general.

Other reasons are that some of them do not want to “sell” themselves and others are not somehow able to do it.

HY: What’s the hardest thing for a musician trying to break out of obscurity right now?

Remaining original and getting popular with the help of people appreciating his works and sharing with others. Another thing is to be able to “promote” himself without “selling” himself.

HY: Would you say you’re currently ‘under the radar’? If so, how does it feel on an emotional level?

I do not feel yet under the radar at the moment but I am confident that my music in general will go far. Feedbacks from friends and people who listened to my music are most of the times positive.

HY: How much responsibility of an artist being ‘under the radar’ falls to the artist themselves? Or does it also lie with the music industry as a whole?

A true artist should take responsibility for what he does, the emotions he wants to transmit or the vibes he creates. But the ultimate responsibles for his public success or failure, because I thing that a true artist can achieve also success in the underground scenes, are the music industry and media industry as a whole.

HY: Can you tell us why you decided to remaster your track ‘Shadow Trip’?

I remastered it because of the message “Do not distract me” within it. I thought that it is an important message to give the world in this particular period we are living in. We need to remain focused, not have fear and concentrate ourselves on things that give us positive energies.

HY: What does that track mean to you and why?

It means a lot. As I have written above, it applies to me, too. If I remain focused, I can only grow and be the best version of myself. And I am feeling that my life is getting better while many people live in fear and repression.

HY: How has the pandemic affected your musical writing/recording process?

In good ways, giving me the power to do even more as well as encouraging me to take the time to finish things. I have different unfinished tracks that slowly I am trying to finish or remaster. It also inspired me more.

Shadow Trip (Remastered) is available now everywhere! Check out Reed Blue’s socials below: