Mangoseed – Alternative Facts: Single Review

No matter what culture, no matter the language, ‘protest’ has always been a universal concept. Wherever you may roam, you will always find signs that the ‘norm’ is being challenged and that the winds of change are slowly gathering. In the case of ‘Alternative Facts’, the lead single from Mangoseed’s latest LP ‘Dreamers’, the worlds of Trinidadian, Jamaican, Australian and Irish heritage collide with with that shared message that crosses each and every language barrier; change.

In what can only be described as a frenetic melting pot of sonic and geographical influences, the track makes a phenomenal first impression for the 11-track project that marks some of the band’s most infectious material to date. In the song’s opening moments listener’s are immediately ensnared by the Gatling-fire bass line that soon unravels and transforms with frontman Nicholai La Barrie soulful and reggae-style deliveries that poke deserved holes in the social zeitgeist and does so in a way that never feels contrived or forced.

It’s an unconventional smorgasbord but only in the sense that it hasn’t been tried and tested to the point of tedium; Mangoseed’s sound is fresh and exciting.

This level of diversity actually permeates through into the band’s daylight careers. Nicholai works as the Hammersmith Theatre’s Resident Director, guitarist/vocalist Karlos Coleman doubles as a Court Clerk, drummer Sam Campbell works as a Studio manager whilst bassist Richard Hardy dabbled as a parkour mentor. It comes as no shock, then, as to how a track like ‘Alternative Facts’ drips with inspiration.

All in all, this is a fantastic return to the studio from a band that deserves far better than to be stuck under the radar. With such an eclectic sound and ‘clenched fist to the sky’ attitude, there’s simply no chance someone couldn’t find any enjoyment in this glorious recipe.

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