Meet The Band: Alan Dweck

Keeping the spirit and ethos of progressive rock alive, peripatetic musician Alan Dweck is one to watch out for. We’re talking progressive rock in its best sense – thoughtful, intelligent and adventurous music which is highly atmospheric. Guitarist, songwriter and composer Dweck caught the music bug young, writing his first songs aged nine. As with many prog artists, Dweck cites Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour as chief early influences, but Dweck certainly brings his own sound to the table. An equal influence must be Dweck’s global journeys, which have seen him absorb cultural influences in situ around the world.

Now, he’s back with a brand new mix for “Melting Icicles.” I wrote this song,” says Dweck, “just after arriving in Singapore, probably one of the fastest songs I have ever written. Surrounded on all sides by a new and different culture, I felt a long way from home, and somehow the idea, words, chords, and structure just fell out. It was all I could do to get it all down on paper.” The song itself is a wondrously delicate affair, largely driven by piano and synths. It makes for a great listen, and fans of the genre will certainly want to check it out.

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