A Chat With: Sophia Lucia

With her self-titled debut masterclass just around the corner, there’s no better time to sit down and get to know Chicago-born and Paris-based songwriter Sophia Lucia. Described as: “A one-woman show of poetic amazement, singing, swinging and creative genius” within the underground Paris scene, this is one name to keep your ears to the ground for…

HY: At the moment, who is your favourite artist who is under the radar and why?

Since I’m about to see them and do a gig with them in Chicago, I’m going to say my friends Impossible! They’re a carnivalesque experimental rock band from the Chi. They combine soft and sweet with dark and grunge and they’re always a blast to dance along to. They should be known far and wide!

HY: Why is it, you think, so many talented musicians go completely unnoticed?

I think it’s because being a musician (or an artist in general) is an incredibly demanding hustle that not everyone has the time or energy to keep up. Unfortunately talent is only half of it, if that.

HY: What’s the hardest thing for a musician trying to break out of obscurity right now?

The fact that to break out, you can’t just be a musician. You need to be a manager, producer, promoter, marketer, booking agent, negotiator, wardrobe, hair & makeup, graphic designer, strategist, etc… and still have time to get inspired and write new songs.

HY: Would you say you’re currently ‘under the radar’? If so, how does it feel on an emotional level?

I’m definitely ‘under the radar’ right now. Of course it can be feel frustrating at times, because I want to share my work with many people, and I also want to make my livelihood my art. But I do prefer quality over quantity, so I’d rather be under the radar and have my stuff appreciated by those who know of me than being heard of by many people but not actually really heard by them.

HY: How much responsibility of an artist being ‘under the radar’ falls to the artist themselves? Or does it also lie with the music industry as a whole?

I think that the fault can lie with both parties, but that the music industry is unnecessarily complicated to break into these days. Since it’s no longer just about your music, it’s crucially dependant on your social media presence as well. And building that up has nothing to do with your actual music. I know some talented musicians who are giving it all they have and still can’t seem to break through. However, if someone is a really talented musician but doesn’t put in the time and the effort to be heard, I don’t think anyone will come knocking on their door to hear it. Except for those occasions when you’re playing a song at an open mic and then someone comes up to you and shakes your hand and says hi I’m a big time producer and I love your sound and I want to sign you and what do you say we get a coffee next week and discuss details? the musician also needs to put in a lot of effort to be found.

HY: Can you tell us a little bit about your initial journey into music? How did it all begin?

I played some when I was a kid and then stopped for a while but sang a lot all of the time in the car and shower and in my room. And I’ve always been writing poetry and prose and little stories, as well as acting in live theatre plays. Then about four years ago I went to an open mic on a whim and loved the feeling of being on stage as a musician, and wanted to do it more, and write my own songs, and I’ve been doing that a lot ever since then.

HY: Your song titles are truly inspiring and really plays to this sense of going against the grain and totally embracing your own personality; how do you come up with them?

Thank you! Occasionally I’ll write a little song in one go from a burst of inspiration. But most of my songs come from a few weeks to a few month’s worth of collected thoughts that I gather and puzzle piece together.

Be sure to check out Sophia Lucia when it drops on December 16th and don’t forget to follow Sophia Lucia on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with her latest projects and shows!

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