Chatting With: The Mad Game

With their new EP ‘Player One’ out to the masses, we got down to chat with the new faces of mystery; The Mad Game.

UR: At the moment, who is your favourite artist that is under the radar and why?

Limnetic Villains, if he qualifies as being “under the radar”, because he is a far from foolish human being, utterly eccentric, constantly creative and donates most of his proceeds to charity. His music is always interesting, gritty, to the point and just fun to listen to. He also speaks his mind with beautiful bluntness. You can find his discography here:

UR: Why is it, you think, so many talented musicians go completely unnoticed?

This is a topic that deserves a whole segment on its own. There appears to be a tendency in the sub-radar indie music scene to lump all musicians together and paint them as the victims of merciless commercialism and big business. This is all rather one-sided and the story is far more complex than that. To give some indication, one can look at the impact of technology on music creation and consumption, the attraction of branding, the sheer diversity and volume of creative content, the underestimation of the value of innovation, the lack of understanding of the industry…there are a bucket load of reasons. This is a vast subject with multiple moving parts, so we won’t reduce it to a single cause and effect.

UR: What’s the hardest thing for a musician trying to break out of obscurity right now?

The main challenge is the sheer volume of content available to the public. You are competing not just with the massive quantity of daily uploads to all the platforms but also with the entire history of recorded content. Each new artist is just a drop in an ever expanding ocean. Try making waves when you’re only a drop, especially when you look and sound like many other drops…

UR: Would you say you’re currently ‘under the radar’? If so, how does it feel on an emotional level?

We don’t really know what that means, as such. People listen to us, watch our videos, radios are playing the music. Does “on the radar” mean famous, or popular? Someone can be unknown one day, achieve viral popularity the next and then disappear just as quickly. Our goal is not just to be “on the radar”. We are building something that has depth and longer term prospects.

UR: How much responsibility of an artist being ‘under the radar’ falls to the artist themselves? Or does it also lie with the music industry as a whole?

This was answered in a previous question. It is a multi-faceted topic that requires a decent understanding of the creative industries and social / technological changes as a whole. It concerns business principles, market changes, consumer habits etc. So if you want a more in-depth discussion of this subject we can, but it needs a proper examination and some good objective journalism.

UR: How would you describe the group dynamic in the band?

Fairly relaxed. Sudo sculpts the form, Karla brings the colour and texture and Sonya polishes the whole while giving direction throughout the process. Each of us has our strengths and we compliment each other nicely. We look out for one another and each contribute in their own way to
the whole.

UR: How would you sum up The Mad Game to those that have never heard your music?

First of all, they really should listen to the music. In short, it’s a project that doesn’t fit into a single mould and is very broad in scope. We know that it can surprise. So we invite everyone to come and discover it for themselves. Join our Mad Game.

UR: Did the pandemic have much effect on the recording process of your EP?

No. We record on a laptop, a basic audio interface and an SM58. We can record anywhere and anytime that we wish. So, there has been no impact. The risks to our recording process tend to come from rather more…extreme events.

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