Keelan X Journeys To Hell And Back In Triumphant Musical Comeback

Comeback stories have been the music industry’s most agreeably uplifting narratives and, as he makes his overdue return to the industry, Keelan X is certainly no stranger to the concept. Marking the end of a musical hiatus after fronting 90s indie-pop band, The Marigolds, Keelan’s debut solo track ‘No Fall Of Rome’ and the story behind it will bring ear-to-ear grins to all those that hear.

Keelan X’s (real name Keelan Cunningham) story is bred and ready for the big screen without question. After reaching critical acclaim with The Marigolds with tours in the US and UK alongside screen time and radio coverage the rock star’s momentum met a fatal shunt when his life’s work was stolen in the late noughties. Teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, Keelan hauled himself out of this abyss and ventured into entrepreneurial paths with property and tech while expanding his own internal horizons through literature in yoga. This would culminate in the singer’s return to music and the glorious unveiling of ‘No Fall From Rome’; a tale for the ages, to say the least.

The song itself is, of course, a grand matter of intrigue in its own right. Led by a delicately balanced array of guitar layers and supplemented by a spacious atmosphere of retro-pop synth lines and the man in question’s own distinguished voice – the soundscape is familiar to the artist’s shoulder-worn infleunces but never in a derivative sense. In fact, the track’s personality shines brightest when all elements coalesce in the track’s hook in a wondrous explosion of goosebump-worthy splendour.

Commenting on track himself, Keelan mused: “No Fall of Rome was born out of a conversation I’ve had with friends who were at times struggling, juxtaposed with the idea of Rome as a symbol for one’s life. Freud also referred to the mind as being like Rome. I’d seen people in different life-stages entertaining giving up on themselves a bit – letting their earlier hopes and dreams slip. So, the song is kinda like a conversation you might have with a friend and hypothesizing there ain’t no fall of Rome gonna happen on your watch“.

This is surely the first step in a grand marathon for the returning star; one that we shall be honoured to join him on.

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