The Mad Game – Game Over: Single Review

Electronic animated group The Mad Game has just dropped their most recent single The Game, an intoxicating synth-heavy track that pulsates through your body like a beating heart. 

For fans of Grimes, Poppy and Let’s Eat Grandma – fellow artists who also share a love for the kookier side of the music industry, The Mad Game is infiltrating the mainstream and making sure they are heard, loud and clear.

Presenting themselves as characters in their own computerised world, (we know only too well how predecessors Gorillaz found success in their unique animated set-up) The Mad Game hails from Ukraine and consists of Sudo (Composer, Producer, Vocals), Karla (Vocals, Composer), and Sonya (A&R, Project Direction).

With a definitive drive to confront power, indifference, and corruption, the three members are creating music with a meaning and accompanying it with a production that can’t be ignored. With Karla’s reverberating vocals, and a strong bass that carries the track from the beginning of The Game, to the end, the seriousness of their message is clear. 

So, if you want to jump into a virtual world and make a simulated stand with The Mad Game, now’s your chance. Their EP Player One has just hit all major streaming platforms, and their video game-style music video is quickly racking up views on YouTube, with 62,862 to date. 

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