Meet The Band: Movment

Where would we be without darkwave music? In the light? Seriously, though, darkwave is a genre which arguably encapsulates some of the greatest, most visceral music ever recorded. Think Velvet Undergound, Slint, Magazine and a whole host of other post-punk (and pre-punk!) wonders. If you’ve yet to experience these delights, then you have a incredible ride ahead. While you’re there, check out Echo and the Bunnymen, Nick Cave and Wire.

All of which brings me to contemporary indie band, Movment. They’re from Ireland, they’re serious about their music, and they are tapping into all of the above. Here’s a snippet from their official bio: “There is a divergence in society. The new album Transformation, due in December 2021, explores this situation. We are bombarded with information, opinions, viewpoints, and words. We drown in ideas, in solutions, in propaganda. There needs to be a TRANSFORMATION from where we are now. Although guitars and bass are at the heart of their sound, it is hard to ignore the electronics that have infiltrated Movment’s core.”

Most importantly, they sound great!

Check Out Movment below: