Meet The Band: Ajay Mathur

Any Beatle’s fans out there might be interested in checking out “Anytime At All,” the new single my Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Ajay Mathur. The song is a reflection on John Lennon’s assassination and was written by Mather soon after the shooting (Mather was nearby at the time). It’s taking until now for him to “find the right voice” to release it. Apparently it wasn’t until Lockdown that Ajay revisited the song, having retreated to his home studio to listen to his favourite records, including The Beatles and John Lennon.

Mathur certainly isn’t the first musician to find inspiration from tragedy, but I’ve never heard a story quite like this. Imagine (if you’ll excuse the pun) writing a song and then letting it rest in the ether for decades, only to experience a flash of inspiration during another dark and challenging time. That alone should prod you to give the song a listen. Mathur has a new album coming out also, which, on the strength of having listened to “Anytime At All,” is sure to be a compelling listen.

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