Senti – He She It: Single Review

He She It is the debut single from Scotland’s Senti. A junior doctor by day but a Latin pop artist by night, (yes, you heard it right) Senti is currently breaking hearts with his Enrique-esque vocals and flamenco-style instrumentation.

Starting out as a love letter to the woman he loved, the song evolved into a romantic declaration of devotion, infatuation, and lust, accompanied by an array of classical guitars, bass, drumbeats, synthetic beats, and emotive lyrics. His love for Latin music and its culture is what draws the romanticism of the track even further, his breathy but bold vocals passionately being wrenched from the heart.

Senti says of He She It: “the song is essentially a stand against toxic mentality in contemporary love and to say that other people’s opinions don’t matter. All that matters is that you’re happy together.” If that doesn’t sound like a modern-day Romeo, we don’t know what does.

Alongside the heartfelt vocals and Latin-inspired production, Senti fuses his native Scottish culture into the music video, showcasing the spectacular dancing skills of Aberdeen dance troupe The Valkyries. The video begins with Senti sitting alone in a dark booth, dressed smartly in a tuxedo but looking lost and alone until he notices the one he loves standing elegantly next to him at the cocktail bar. As the storyline progresses, the video sees Senti and the mysterious woman dancing together in front of the troupe, but seemingly lost in each other’s eyes, unaware of everything else around them.

With such a broad fusion of cultures and appreciation for them, there’s no doubt Senti will be drawing fans in from far and wide.

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