Mansur Brown: A Harmonic Multi-Instrumentalist, Record Label Owner & Producer

Mansur Brown, a 24-year-old artist who is both a producer and multi-instrumentalist creating rhythmic and harmonic Jazz sounds straight out of Brixton, London. Mansur has trademarked himself as a musician whose sound can invoke emotions purely from sound waves of his many played instruments, feeling the depth of emotion behind every track.

Debuting with his album Shiroi in 2018, he went on to release his EP Tesuto in 2020; both of
which were great successes. Now he has released his new album Heiwa under his own record label Amai Records, a melodic album, taking modern influences such as Hip-Hop and Trap, that sounds particularly great when played on a turntable. The new album has both gradual beats and faster-paced ones that are made for moving your feet, Mansur also never fails when it comes to an electric guitar solo.

Mansur, since his debut has featured on other musician’s tracks, in 2019 he appeared on Joy
Orbison’s EP Slipping featuring in two tracks: Burn and YI She’s Away. Mansur appearing on
these tracks conveys his musical talents and how he can mould easily into different music

Keep an eye out for Mansur as he has some upcoming live performances, recently playing at
YES Manchester where I personally saw him live and he is an extremely underrated musician
who plays the guitar as I have never seen before.

Mansur Brown is available to stream on all music platforms, his vinyl Heiwa is out now.

December 9th: JAEL, Invites: Amsterdam, Netherlands.
December 12th: Barbican Hall, London.

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