Purple Glass is forcing industrial noise into the modern soundscape with their single ‘Laundering Diamonds’

Evan Davies and Randell Denning burst out of the underground scene in Wales to bring the memorable tone and hypnotic progressions of industrial rock to modern society with the single ‘Laundering Diamonds’. The duo, who go by Purple Glass collectively, are resurrecting the nihilistic call outs of 90s industrial in a way that bombastically challenges current society whilst allowing listeners to form their own conclusions.

Released June 28th, the track utilises simple riffs to create a booming instrumental that drives the rich experience smoothly. Whilst raw with aggression, ‘Laundering Diamonds’ never comes across as clunky or messy; instead, every note hit sparks cohesive energy to form this powerful wall of sound.

“We represent where we believe is a lack of experimental yet, concise rock music in the guise of the noise and industrial subgenres on the radio and we believe our music represents a gap in the market and what we ourselves enjoy listening to. We provide thought provoking social commentary that doesn’t ask you to pick a side merely to understand the nuances of situations and events and come to your own conclusions.”

Overall, the track is punchy and poignant. It’s refreshing to hear these subgenres being used to their full potential and fully flourish under artists who can use them to their full potential. Purple Glass are not only worth keeping up with; they should be blasted at full volume to be appreciated thoroughly.

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Words by Ellen Oakley