DeeCeeDee, led by NHS nurse Mike Fairbairn, releases a lockdown birthday anthem ‘Hey, Hey, It’s Your Birthday!!’ to raise funds for nurses in financial hardship

DeeCeeDee, a musical collective led by Mike Fairbairn, is celebrating all the birthdays that were affected due to lockdown conditions and raising money for good causes with their latest single, ‘Hey, Hey, It’s Your Birthday!!’. Pop centric and bursting with joy, this new celebration song is a ready-made classic that will exist long after lockdown birthdays whilst simultaneously supporting people who have face unfair hardships due to the Covid-19 chaos. With collaborators music producer Andy Whitmore (Eternal & Peter Andre) and international singer Andrea Dee, the musical collective have created a track that feels like it’s always been around, and it’s a real shame it hasn’t been.

The single itself has a long history, dating back to the 1990s. The origin can be traced to Mike meeting musician and fellow nurse Colin Tyrie through both working at an AIDs hospital; the two formed a genuine bond that led them to write the tracks melody on holiday in France. Said melody has been resurrected nearly twenty years later after Fairbairn discovered that Colin, who had become severely disabled due to a life-limiting illness as well as one of Colin’s daughters also being severely disabled with cerebral palsy, had been scammed out of £200,000 by a “cowboy builder”. Knowing he had to do something, he reworked the tune into a commercial hit to raise funds to help Colin and his family in their time of need. In addition to this good deed, Mike will also be donating profits from sales of the single to the Cavell Nurses’ Trust, a charity supporting nurses in times of financial hardship.

Listen to ‘Hey, Hey, It’s Your Birthday!!’ here!

The track itself is full of life and leaves the traditional chant in the dust. It effortlessly reinvigorates the act of singing to the special birthday person and injects a sense of joy that has been lost through time whilst also maintaining fun pop energy. Make sure to listen to ‘Hey, Hey, It’s Your Birthday!!’ now, not only for a joyful listening experience but also to help with a good cause.

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Words by Ellen Oakley