The Fabulous Red Diesel are ready to take listeners back in time to the Jazz glory days with ‘The Queensbury House Sessions’

The Fabulous Red Diesel are here to shake up your playlist with the fantastic ‘The Queensbury House Sessions’. Creating a soundscape full to the brim of spirited soul and jazz excellence, the band more than deliver on their name by taking listeners through a fully realised romp backed with an impressive performance. The group demonstrate a true cohesive front as each member effortlessly harmonises musically and vocally with the rest. The album is sixteen tracks strong, each adding another layer of character to the album, with non fading into the background.

The lead featured track, ‘Nellie Gale’, is a perfect example of what The Fabulous Red Diesel do best, as they lead us on the tale of the titular character who was one of the first nude dancers on the West End. With insane amounts of personality carried by a rich live sound, ‘Nellie Gale’ includes some luscious ad-libs that tie the track together as well as a brass performance that belongs in New Orleans. Alongside a stylised black and white music video that visualises Nellie’s narrative, it gives the audience a further look at the band’s presence; they demand your attention with their total commitment to the act and bring the song’s charisma to an entirely new level.

Official music video for ‘Nellie Gale’

The album overall is highlight after highlight. The opening track ‘Karma’, a six-minute showcase of control and elegance, starts the winding journey with a bang and sets up what the audience can expect as the show goes on. A consistent eclectic fusion with a strong sense of self, ‘The Queensbury House Sessions’ is a pure listening delight. Maintaining a solid mix of emotion and expression, each track speaks to a different facet of The Fabulous Red Diesel and culminates in an album that bleeds spirit and passion. They are a band with heart and soul that know how to get toes tapping and shoulders shimmying along to their melodic tones. To introduce a little culture into your everyday life, make sure to get your ears around ‘The Queensbury House Sessions’.

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Words by Ellen Oakley