Nivid is bringing Industrial Alt back from the not so dead with their upcoming release ‘Mazhab’

Taken from the critically praised album ‘Mernã’ (2019), Nivid is back with ‘Mazhab’. This conceptual wonder embraces the dark gothic tones of the alternative 90s in an introspective tale of religion, identity and community. The single is raw, unfiltered, and an authentic reflection of attitudes towards intertwining cultures and how organisations divide to conquer.

Dropping June 11th, not only is ‘Mazhab’ getting a re-release as a single, but it is also gaining a computer-generated music video that brings the static-filled energy of the track to life. The video is chaotic, filled with red, black and white flashes of colour that perfectly compliment the audio and tone; it feels like an industrial dream to watch and matches the heavy noise rock essence.

“The track is the last track from our already released album Mernã. We are releasing a music video for it and the track as a single. The video has been created by Mayank Dhasmana a Visual Artist from Pune, India and the artwork has been developed by Sammael Mosé who resides in San Diego, California. The narrative of the track is based on the age-old premise of how religion has divided humanity. The track is pretty much on point throughout and condemns organised religion out-and-out.” – Aditya Virmani

Nivid or Aditya Virmani, a New Delhi-based composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, is thriving as a completely singularly staffed project. When performing live, Virmani has a specifically curated band to help bring his artistic vision to life, who are as follows: Devasheesh Sharma (guitars), Sudeep Saxena (drums) and Nihar Apte (bass), who allow the bold, fuzz riddled sound to feel fully realised.

Lyrically piercing, ‘Mazhab’ aids the telling of the story featured throughout ‘Mernã’ of a character, Agent 2344. They come to terms with their actions that have been driven by religious zealots (a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals) and fears for the consequences. The story meshes well with the electronic industrial instrumental that harkens back to the likes of Nine Inch Nails whilst modernising its production and overall sound.

Nivid has created a robust response to a very human issue through intelligent music that spreads an accessible message through impassioned lyrics and distorted backing. ‘Mazhab’ is an incredible take on organised religion that incorporates a fearless sound to compliment the confident call out of religious idolatry; listeners should be prepared for this audio and visual experience to drop on June 11th.

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Words by Ellen Oakley