Billy Mick combines gaming with addictive electro-pop in his latest single ‘Leveling Up’

Released April 30th, Billy Mick is back with a synth centric bang in the form of ‘Leveling Up’. The track, which acts as an anthem for those being the best they can be, is bursting with electro-pop and glam rock flair that instantly motivates and will have listeners dancing along with no matter where they are.

‘Leveling Up’ is energetic right out the gate, matching the inspiration taken from gaming culture. The track is dynamic and reminiscent of the 80s with its use of synths and electric riffs, appropriate for a soundtrack ripped straight out of an arcade. Mick’s vocals take centre stage throughout, never feeling overwhelmed by the instrumental and emulating the raspy vocal performances of the glam rock scene effortlessly.

I fancy myself a bit of a “gaymer” and one day I was taking a moment to re-center myself and focus on where I was going next on this journey of life; all of the sudden it just popped into my head “life is like a video game!” Everyone has obstacles, everyone learns new “powers” and abilities, people appear in your life to help you along the way; and again, every day is a chance to level up!” – Billy Mick

Overall, Billy Mick is an alt-pop force, blending various sub-genres seamlessly and creating modern anthemic tracks that all can relate to and deserved to be shouted at the top of your lungs. For a feel-good vibe with motivating lyrics, look no further than ‘Leveling Up’.

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Words by Ellen Oakley