Royal Blood is back after four years with ‘Typhoons’

The alt-rock duo Royal Blood is back in full force with their latest album, ‘Typhoons’ (dropped April 30th). After two albums of pure heavy anthems, the band has reinvented themselves into a rock-centric band with electronic flair and a more dancefloor-friendly sound. This release comes after a four-year gap after dropping ‘How Did We Get So Dark’ in 2017.


A stand out track has to be ‘Boilermaker’, a perfect marriage of past cliches and new force that creates a dirty rock sound complimented perfectly by the smooth vocals. It is a wall of sound with feeling, reminiscent of past work but elevated with a riff that will stay with you for the rest of the day.

The album itself is full of howling energy that blends the rock and electronic features in intensity and direction. With clear inspiration from the electronic-rock legends Daft Punk, ‘Typhoons’ takes any limitations Royal Blood garnered through their past work and destroys them. Interweaving the heavy riffs and addictive beats with a new lighter feel allows the boys to explore just what they’re capable of and produce some floor fillers along the way. 

Overall, ‘Typhoons’ is an eleven-track masterpiece of modern rock accessible to a whole new audience without alienating Royal Blood’s already existing fans. Still aggressively alternative, it is a look into what can be done with the genre without losing its essence. If you’re looking for a soundtrack to a post lockdown summer, you may have just found it.

Stream Typhoons here!

Words by Ellen Oakley