Brite Spires bring sophisticated electro-pop to the masses with their upcoming release ‘Futurist’

Get ready to dance like it’s 1980 all over again with the upcoming sinful synth-pop release ‘Futurist’ by the female-fronted four-piece Brite Spires. With inspirations rooted in pure electronic pop (La Roux, Goldfrapp, New Order), the track is full of sparkling energy and ethereal vocals that lend themselves to the brilliant dance-pop tone created.

With topics mirroring the current technologic landscape of fast-paced interactions and a limitless scope, the song fits right in with modern culture whilst adding a nostalgic flair musically.

“It’s so cool how we can interact with anyone, anytime, all around the world. I guess the song is quite sci-fi. I mean, not like robots taking over the world, but just how there is so much data that events could be predicted before they happen. Oh, and the songs got a cool synthline!”. – Bella Glanville, singer

The cool synth line is definitely present and weaves itself through the track, complementing the airy harmonies and addictive melodies whilst driving the song to a satisfying end. Brite Spires effortlessly modernise a potentially cliched sound, bringing the synth-pop power straight to 2021. ‘Futurist’ is fun, slick and the perfect way to inject some light-hearted pop into your day.

Check out Brite Spires on Spotify here!

Words by Ellen Oakley