Aurelia Dey brings feminism with a side of attitude with her latest release ‘Huntress’

Released April 23rd, Aurelia Day marries smooth flow, empowering lyrics and dancehall energy to create an anthem for females to enjoy as a track as well as a source of power. ‘Huntress’ is not shy in its message; it adds a satisfying afro-punk musicality to the feminist cause with sleek production and unapologetic confidence.

The track is packed to the brim with clever lyrics, pop culture references that ooze skill, and add-libs that carry a level of attitude befitting a song of this style and stature. The instrumental is precise, adding flairs of R&B and dancehall to a steady progressive beat, allowing the vocal performance to pull all the punches. Day embraces every line, never losing sight of the tracks aim whilst maintaining a fierce musical presence.

With inspirations such as En Vogue and Nina Simone coupled with an in-depth knowledge of liberal feminism, ‘Huntress’ is not only an addictive track with feeling, it is also an introduction to newer styles of feminism in an accessible way. Dey is simply unshakable.

Overall, the track is full of impressive content, a cool distinguishable style and relevant social commentary, all in under three minutes. It is must listen and is perfect for providing that motivating pick me up needed as we slowly leave lockdown.

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Words by Ellen Oakley