Breathtaking and beautiful, R Zak’s ‘Dialects’ is a striking album

Like nothing you will have heard before, Shoegazing Electro-Indie artist R Zak brings us a brand new album Dialects on 7th May.

R Zak’s sound is truly curious, a mix of hypnotic melodies, experimental electronic elements and an Alt-Jazz feel.

Portland-based R Zak is a talented and classically trained musician, studying and mastering the viola and playing with huge names such as The Apple Miner Colony, whilst he’s opened for the likes of Buckethead and Beirut.

Growing up in Texas, R Zak found herself surrounded by an eclectic range of music. From classical to mariachi or even nu-country music, R Zak’s sound benefits from a rich blend of musical influences and inspiration.

R Zak seeks to now make her name as a striking solo artist, dismantling all genre-boundaries and style expectations to create a sound that challenges as well as pleases the ear. R Zak is unafraid of experimentation, seeking to remain true to herself and carve out a sound perhaps never done before.

R Zak explains-

“There’s no training or even protocol when it comes to real music making. There’s only immersion. It just becomes a physical need like the need for truth. The music simply has to come to life through you; you are just a vessel for it. Nothing else can really touch you at that point. The music gives you such strength and independence while at the same time bonding you emotionally with the entire world. It’s so mysterious!”

Dialects is a truly extraordinary album, and its line-up of tracks is surely set to put R Zak on the radar of new wave music fans across the globe.

“Every track on the album represents some kind of interaction between my own creative impulse and the art works of others. For melodic inspiration I have looked to the Cantigas de Santa Maria, an ancient Spanish hymn book, as transcribed by Chris Elmes.

These melodies breathe with fresh life in eleven of the songs. For lyrics, I have worshipped the poetry of Lorca, Yeats, Joyce, Zitkala-Sa, Wilde, as well as living poets Mary O’Donnell and Sydney Acosta. The cover art is a portrait by Lizeth Niño, a visual artist based in Portland, OR and Piedras Negras, Mexico.”

R Zak on the Dialects Album

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