Breaking the mould and becoming classical music’s next rising star: Six Nights

Six Nights is on his way to the top of the Classical scene. His debut album ’21’ is imminent (28th May), and is certain to help establish Six Nights as Classical music’s next big name.

Six Nights is far from your typical pianist, abandoning a three piece suit for the comfort of a tracksuit to prove that classical musicians come in all forms.

Debut Album ’21’ has been years in the making; having first took to the piano at just 8 years old Six Nights has long been honing his musicality and instrumental prowess. After performing his very first composition at 12, the rest for Six Nights is surely set to be history.

Six Nights’ sound is fuelled by tragedy, having faced bullying and racism due to his mixed-race heritage, Six Nights sought solace in music. Creativity became a means to express the frustrations felt by young Six Nights and the outcome is truly magical.

The Covid-19 pandemic that rocked the globe became an unlikely catalyst to Six Nights creating the album. Struggling like many in these tumultuous times, Six Nights took to writing and composing to process the challenges that surrounded him.

Six Nights successfully finds the beauty in his pain; infusing his sound with raw emotion and real feeling, ’21’ is as authentic as it is emotive.

Six Nights’ ’21’ is set for release on 28th May. In the meantime, connect with Six Nights on:




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