Victoria Hoffman brings us feel-good indie folk single ‘Hopeless Love’

Nottingham based singer-songwriter Victoria Hoffman brings us her latest single ‘Hopeless Love’. Blending indie and folk into a fantastic fusion, ‘Hopeless Love’ is a richly layered acoustic track.

Victoria had a less than conventional upbringing; born in Nigeria, she spent her childhood in Greece, before eventually settling in Nottingham. Coming from a family with a medical background, Victoria had her heart set on breaking the mould and carving out a career for herself in the creative industry.

Determined to make it in music, Victoria Hoffman found herself met with criticism, expectation and scepticism, with many condemning her genre choices as unfitting for a black musician .

Criticism only further ignited Victoria’s fire to make great music. Creating a sound that is authentically hers, Victoria abandons all expectation and boundaries to remain true to herself.

Finally finding her smooth sound, Victoria Hoffman brings us the romantic and wistful ‘Hopeless Love’.

“This is a song about boy who sees girl on a bus and they have an instant connection. They both were in a relationship already, which makes things even more dramatic. They were seeing each other secretly, hoping they won’t get caught – unfortunately, it didn’t last long, the girl had to move away, and a few years later, she is married with kids and she is thinking of what it could have been, hitting that she would like to meet the guy again.”

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