Judith Haustein brings us striking new single ‘Freeze’

A taste of art-pop brilliance, Judith Haustein brings us kooky new single ‘Freeze’.

Judith is a talented songwriter and composer hailing from Germany. Her distinct style and sound has earned her comparisons to eccentric talents such as Björk and Feist.

Judith Haustein’s softly sweet vocals are contrasted perfectly by hauntingly dark instrumentals, melancholic strings and crashing percussion.

Like floating on air, ‘Freeze’ is a light yet sombre track from Judith Haustein, complimented by the talents of bassist Ferg Ireland and percussionist Adam Osmianski.

To truly top it off, ‘Freeze’ is accompanied by a stunning yet freaky set of visuals. Utilising the curious works of London artist Anne von Freyburg’s paintings, the ‘Freeze’ video is a wonderland of vibrancy and eccentricity.

Watch the ‘Freeze’ video below:

Judith’s sound is heavily inspired by the Jazz genre; having studied Jazz and Audio Technology at university in London, she slowly began to find a sound that was authentically hers.

During university Judith engaged with Brazilian music, explored the wonders of sampling and experimented with elements of electronica.

Through many years of honing sound, finding style and creating a unique soundscape, it’s safe to say Judith Haustein has finally reached musical perfection with ‘Freeze’.

‘Freeze’ is the first single from Judith’s forthcoming album ‘The Flood’, a 12 track project both dreamy and disruptive.

Judith Haustein has a sound that demands to be heard, and a style that commands attention.

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