Missing live music? Adam Broadway’s ‘Down The Front’ has you covered

Suffering with a bad case of the gig-blues? Desperate to get back to the sticky floors of a music venue again?

Author Adam Broadway brings us the perfect solution to all our woes, with his latest instalment of ‘Down the Front’.

Celebrating its six year anniversary, ‘Down the Front’ is a charming collection of gig-going anecdotes. Full of live music stories spanning the last four decades, the book is an ode to all live music lovers and avid gig-goers.

With many of us craving the thrill of live shows now more than ever before, Adam Broadway is back at our hour of need to bring us ‘Down the Front II’, a further collection of other’s people’s gig memories and live show stories.

Adam explains-

“[Down the Front] is my collection of gig-going anecdotes from over 40 years of gigging. The idea for [Down the Front II] is to prompt other music loving folk to re-count their stories but overall, for us to share the importance of music, especially live music on our lives”

Designed to prompt those fond music memories, Adam’s book does nothing to help that irresistible itch for live music.

Author Adam Broadway is in the same boat as many music lovers, sharing how bizarre it truly is for a live show addict of 40 years to have not attended a single gig in 12 full months.

Down the Front reminds us of the nights we miss so much, and the series is a heart-warming promise that we will see live music once again.

Nostalgic, cheery and a little teary ‘Down the Front’ is the pick-me-up we needed right about now.

Get the Down the Front book HERE.

Written By: Jessica Rowe

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