The incredible Billy Mick brings us an energetic new single ‘The Tourist’

A true entertainer, Billy Mick brings us an incredible new single titled ‘The Tourist’.

A suitable title indeed for the larger than life character Billy Mick, who recently made the move from Florida to Manchester.

Inspired by culture shock and curiosity, Billy Mick created the wonderful single that is ‘The Tourist’.

“In 2018, my husband and I attended Manchester Pride as part of our trip to the U.K. We were so amazed at the overwhelming sense of acceptance, love and community we felt when we were there! The streets were filled with drag queens, lesbians, straight people, bears, twinks…and everyone was actually celebrating together.

It was just so cool and awe inspiring to not only see the diversity but to also be welcomed by everyone we met. We felt very much at home”

And home it became, Billy Mick swapped the bright lights of Disney world, for the Great British grit of Manchester and he hasn’t looked back yet.

‘The Tourist‘ is an utter ear-worm of a track. Good luck getting this one out of your head, the single is full of grooving guitars, addictive melodies and an infectious sense of energy.

Combining driving guitars with gorgeously bright synth hits, Billy Mick creates a nostalgic Rock N’ Roll sound packed full with energy, groove and guts. But what shines brightest is Billy Mick’s warm and enchanting personality. Born to be an entertainer, Billy carved a successful career in theme parks and musical theatre before becoming a singer-songwriter.

Billy’s love for life is palpable; he infuses a sense of joy and laughter into his sound to create irresistibly feel-good tracks.

‘The Tourist’ is accompanied by a video as bright as Billy himself; vibrant and 80s-esque, these visuals are guaranteed to slap a big smile across your face.

Don’t believe us? Take a look below.

Billy Mick has a vibrant and loving energy that’s a real rarity to stumble upon. An artist that will draw you in, warm your heart and help you get into the groove.

If you’re looking to add a little light into your life, listen to Billy Mick.


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