Raw Soul Express are a funk-filled force to be reckoned with

45 Years on from the release of their first album, Raw Soul Express are back and better than ever.

Ready to bring us more soul-filled, funk-fired tracks, Raw Soul Express have released latest single ‘Fate Of The World’.

Raw Soul Express have been rocking through the decades, carving out a reputation as pioneers in the Soul and funk scenes.

Impressively, Raw Soul Express have managed to retain their core original members, a true feat in the world of music. After four and a half decades of magic music making the group are at the top of their game, bringing us yummy melodies, grooving brass sections and some heavenly harmonies.

Raw Soul Express is made up of ubertalented members Rick Washington (lead vocals/sax/flute); Chris Perkins (keyboards and vocals); Tommy Johnson (guitar/vocals), John McMinn (tenor sex/alto sax/keys/vocals); long-time bassist and vocalist Albie Manno; Paul Mullen (keys/vocals) and Harold Seay (drums/vocals). The group have real chemistry, complimenting each others talents and creating a harmonious sound.

Fate Of The World touches on prominent and current topics, from the Black Lives Matter movement to the COVID pandemic; the economy to global warming, Raw Soul Express bring an honest commentary on the state of affairs.

“If you are conscience about your surroundings, mentally, socially and economically with a deep concern for humanity and God and love for your fellowman and the environment, then Fate of the World addresses these issues in our society. It’s powerful, raw and its current. Unfortunately, it’s in real time”

Chris Perkins on new single ‘Fate Of The World’

The collective provide all the groove without abandoning integrity and intelligence; bringing light to key issues, Raw Soul Express bring funk and the fire, as their music speaks passionately to the listener.

With decades upon decades of experience under their belt, Raw Soul Express have a sound like no other. True masters of their instruments, the group possess talent beyond compare.

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