Award-Winning Jazz Musician and Journalist Fiona Ross Releases New Album Red Flags & High Heels.

The array of talent, contemporary jazz artist, as well as composer, pianist, producer, and renowned journalist Fiona Ross, returns with the new album Red Flags & High Heels. Consisting of 14 tracks, all arranged, written, and produced by herself, this is an album that is spectacularly refined and elegant within its own right. 

Resurrecting the era of Jazz from the 1920s, whilst intertwining a millennial sound, Ross incorporates Latin jazz and neo-soul, mixed with elements of the ballad, emitting a whole new sound into the jazz industry. 

Ross was previously Head of the British Academy of New Music where she looked after artists such as Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora, she has been described as “the artist who gave Ed Sheeren his ‘first push’” (Daily Express). A female icon who has established herself since then as an individual artist with a unique sound. 

Red Flags & High Heels serves a contemporary edge, along with powerful vocals which infuse electric emotions, allowing a most thrilling listen. Ross’ music has been described as in the Jazz Quarterly as “technical virtuosity and that raw emotional drive, of an artist at the height of her game”, something in which she has proved time and time again through previous albums such as Fierce and Non-Compliant released in 2019. For this, as well as her earlier discography, Ross has been awarded International Female Singer-Songwriter of the Year 2020 by the International Singer-Songwriter Association. 

An artist who has been on stage since a child, performing in a vast range of areas, from adverts to West-End, gaining her first lead at just the age of 8. From this, and her album, it really exerts her total passion for music – a true artist who has dedicated a lifetime to the artistry of music. 

“Music has always been who I am and what I do. I have been very, very fortunate in that respect and strive to use my platform as an advocate for equality and diversity for all.” 


October 6th : Pizza Express Soho, London – Album Launch. 

October 30th : Toulouse Lautrec, London. 

November 19th : EFG London Jazz Festival, Karamel Club, London.