ALBUM REVIEW: The Paper Sailors – Wipe Out

As the dawn of Autumn is well beyond us, the season of sombre shades of orange, gentle breezes and a general need for warmth beckons us out of our – now habitual – summer attire. With that said, German Indie-Folk four-piece, The Paper Sailors, arrives with the perfect warm embrace in the form of sophomore LP ‘Wipe Out’.

That embrace very much bleeds into each of ‘Wipe Out’s eight-strong tracklist with a rich production set of thick acoustics and bass work, (courtesy of Phil Wetzel and Jens Kuhnle respectively) all of which led by vocalist/guitarist charming folksy deliveries. Soaked in healthy reverb and the band’s genuinely comforting tone – the record is as close to sitting beside a midnight campfire that one can get without actually getting the marshmallows out.

It’s an experience that goes all too fast. ‘Wipe Out’ quickly dives between the uplifting melodies of ‘Your Colour’ to the vulnerable crooning on, appropriately named, ‘Sad Song’ without missing a beat; it’s a familiar world of indie-folk and blues but with a strong propensity for variety.

So too comes the band’s attitude for songwriting. Building to a triumphant solo of epic proportion, tracks like ‘Restless Horse’ and ‘Come From The Mountain’ give ‘Wipe Out’ that added spirit and volatility – a great dynamic range between the record’s softest and strongest moments that maintain that sense of identity throughout the seven new tracks.

The eighth comes as a ‘soft’ rendition of ‘Heart Full Of Nothing’ from 2018 debut ‘In Sight of Land’ and by god does the band make their case for the rendition that doubles the length of the original. This is a remarkable picture finish for the band as the original is stripped way back in tempo and, instead, focuses on raising goosebumps instead of heart rates. Numerous guitar solos and intricate blending of the band’s, already, multifaceted sound in what is possibly the finest work the band has arranged to date.

The Paper Sailors’ second outing is an out-and-out triumph. Another set of arrows to the band’s bulging quiver – ‘Wipe Out’ is the place of warm refuge we all need as the cold draws in.

Words by Alex Mace

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