‘Sweet Dreams’ by Betty N Drew is the perfect lullaby or calming background ambience for stressed-out students

A common trend in the last few years are the lo-fi beats playlists that exist on every streaming platform available. Usually, they consist of remixes and slowed down versions of songs, but now and then, a new track appears. Whilst ‘Sweet Dreams (Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon)’ is marketed as a song fit for sending worn out toddlers to the land of sleep, it also acts as a perfect addition to your personal lo-fi study playlist.

Carried by an indie style vocal, peaceful piano and simple soft lyrics, the track is relaxing at its core yet holds a level of class missing from a lot of ‘kids music’, meaning it works well no matter the age of the worked up listener. So whether it’s to study or to fight insomnia ridden nights, ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Betty N Drew is a worthy addition.

Words by Ellen Oakley