The Silver Bars are changing the world of indie rock with their forthcoming single ‘Big Part’

The Silver Bars are shaking up the indie scene, changing out the typical topics of love and day to day life by tackling more introspective matters such as the overindulgence of modern culture with their upcoming track ‘Big Part’.

Dropping June 18th, ‘Big Part’ is a boiling pot of influences elevated to a new point of meaning. With a driving beat that powers this musical discussion of society’s obsession with ownership and materialism, The Silver Bars cherry-pick genre tropes to make their track sound quintessentially indie rock. Including energetic riffs that maintain an edge and melodic vocals whilst infusing the nuances with 90s synths and quick, clever lyrics that hit harder than expected, the band manage to deliver an easily identifiable musical landscape without becoming derivative.

The Silver Bars manage to create an audio experience that wonderfully combines a lively sound with grounded observations. At no point does the track comes across as preachy or pretentious, but rather a plea for listeners to simply become aware of their own cultivations. The vocal performance in ‘Big Part’ is turned up to an eleven, featuring an addictive rasp; it creates a sense of desperation for people to not only get the message but take heed of it. Along with an excellent ending build, slick production and a clear vision of self, ‘Big Part’ is the reinvigoration of a scene that had become stale but not just for the sake of it. The Silver Bars have a palpable passion that allows listeners to embrace the song and entirely sink into the bombastic track.

“With our music, we never set out to fit into a genre or category, Indie just prevailed from very early on with influences from the early 2000’s being the main focus. We all bonded very quickly after chance brought it together. The point is the band never spawned from the idea of fame and money, purely about the music and community we’d created within our little group. And that the music we’ve made is a product of that idea that we’ve always kept close to our chest.” – The Silver Bars

Even by looking at their influences, you can sense what the band are more than capable of, subversive content from the likes of Radiohead and musical stances akin to The Strokes in the early 2000s both drive intellectual compositions with real heart.

Listeners should be ready for this track to surface and expect an energetic sound with soul. The Silver Bars are not just one to watch, but one to take note of as they slowly start to shift the culture around them to one of conscious music-making. ‘Big Part’ drops June 18th.

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Words by Ellen Oakley