MXOM creates classically trained trap with emotion in the form of ‘FXMOUS’

MXOM (otherwise known as Ugo Nelson) is challenging the human experience in a debut that drips raw energy and a stylish infusion of Trap and Wave beats. ‘FXMOUS’ stands at just over two and a half minutes put packs more than enough of a punch, tackling the experience of heartbreak head-on and fearlessly.

Giving listeners everywhere a taste for an upcoming album, ‘FXMOUS’ perfectly blends a UK scene inspired Trap style with an elevated level of introspection that culminates in a release of pure expression. Drawing from his past experiences, spanning from growing up on the streets of Croydon to starting a tech company, Ugo Nelson combines his history with the training he received through drama school to add a level of sophistication to his plight.

It is about heartache, pain, and sacrifice. It is one of the very first songs I ever recorded in a studio and tells a tale of the things we must do the suffering we have to endure to reach our dreams. The opening line of the song perfectly captures this as the song is inspired by the soul-searchingly agonising ending of a long-term relationship with a childhood sweetheart.” – MXOM

The track’s driving force is for sure MXOM’s vocals, supported by a beat you can feel in your chest; the lyrics are quick, clean and cutting and performed with an effortless control that bleeds throughout the whole of ‘FXMOUS’. Not only does it allow for MXOM to rise to the top of the pack, but it also provides an enlightening contrast to the more traditional instrumental.

Overall, ‘FXMOUS’ is sharp and full of heart. Flawless in lyricism and taking influences and ultimately owning them with their inclusion, MXOM is an artist on the brink of taking over. Along with a new series of one-minute freestyles, he has the proven talent and the daring to make the moves for his music and story to be heard.

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