Punt Guns tease upcoming album with new track ‘Nemesis’ which brings Cyber Rock, Sci-Fi synths and dark visuals a whole new lease of life

Punt Guns are letting the world know what to expect with ‘Nemesis’. A teaser for their upcoming album, following on from the previously released tracks ‘Who Am I’ (July 2020) and ‘The Most Sacred Thing In The Universe’ (October 2020), ‘Nemesis’ is a storm of charming attitude, well-crafted narrative, addictive synths and high octane rock energy. With spoken word sections that breathe a sense of authenticity into the track, Punt Guns have created a futuristic-sounding call to realism that sounds heavy and hits heavier.

‘The Most Sacred Thing In The Universe’ (October 2020)

Kicking off with a building instrumental behind a spoken definition of the track’s title, ‘Nemesis’ is powerful from the start. With a dystopian tone in both the sound and narrative, greatly emphasised by the accompanying music video, the cyber rock sound fits the listening experience to a T, the ever-building backing providing something akin to a climatic cinematic scene.

Punt Guns effortlessly bring the track to life with a deep vocal performance that is simply goosebump-inducing. ‘Nemesis’ is trippy, dark and wonderfully weird, providing a fusion of elements that harmonise together seamlessly, creating a musical landscape that induces unease and intrigue.

Overall, ‘Nemesis’ is an imposing release and promises that the forthcoming album will follow its footsteps. Punt Guns are more than a band to be watched; they demand attention, which is more than earned. The journey into electronic cyber rock presented is one all should take.

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Words by Ellen Oakley