Breathe a sigh of relief, composer Sira releases healing and freeing new project ‘The Tree of Life and the Strength of Moving On Pt.2’

Sira Garcia, talented healer and composer, releases her relaxing new album ‘The Tree of Life and the Strength of Moving on Pt.2’.

The 11-track album is a spiritual statement dedicated to helping the listener unwind, relax and find peace. The musical wonder-project ties in to Sira’s other side of her life as a practitioner of alternative medicine.

Through her work in Reiki and Chinese Medicine, Sira saw first hand just how interconnected meditation, spirituality and music are. Inspired, Sira sought to create an album that could provide the perfect soundscape and spiritual escape for her patients. It is this journey that brought us ‘The Tree of Life and Strength of Moving on Pt.2’ project.

Carefully crafted over the last 13 years, composer Sira has poured heart and soul into ‘The Tree of Life and The Strength of Moving On’ album:

“I don´t care about superficial smiles, I care about happiness. I don´t care about material fame, I care about spiritual matters.

I don´t care about those who try to create an artist with an empty heart, I care about lineage and pure talented artists with strong goals.

I don´t care about robots, I care about dreamers… If I have the chance to change something for good, I will put all my positive energy into it.””

Sira has committed herself to helping others find peace that is so difficult to source in our stressful world. With the tumultuous events of the last 12 months, Sira’s project ‘The Tree of Life and Strength of Moving on Pt.2’ truly answers the call in our hour of need.

The album takes the listener on a process of self-help; it’s a gentle push towards the relief of relaxation.

In a time where people are struggling more now than perhaps ever before, ‘The Tree of Life and Strength of Moving on Pt.2′ is exactly what the world needs.

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