Moody yet magical, Aderyn is our next Woman in the Spotlight

International Women’s Day (8th March) was the perfect opportunity to champion women in music.

Here at Help Yourself Music, we do it every week!

We’re back to share with you another wonderful woman in music, today we’re shining the spotlight on the fantastic Aderyn.

Aderyn captured our attention with her moody Indie-Rock single ‘Silver Screen’.

‘Silver Screen‘ features some gorgeously bright vocals, contrasted perfectly by a deeply dark bass line and attitude packed lyricism.

Whatever drug Aderyn slipped into this total ear-worm of a tune has me addicted, angsty yet flowing ‘Silver Screen’ is a truly grooving Alt-Rock track.

Aderyn is a striking singer-songwriter talent hailing from South Wales, first venturing into music as a drummer, Aderyn is an artist that knows her instruments like the back of her hand.

Rhythmic, grooving and a little gritty Aderyn has true fearless flair.

We had the pleasure of asking Aderyn a couple questions, so sit back, relax and get ready to learn a little more about Aderyn.

Let’s start at the beginning, how did you first enter the world of Music?

“I actually started out as a drummer when I was 8 years old. I just wanted to make as much noise as possible, and drumming seemed so fun and physical. I went to music academy to study drums when I was 16 and started touring and playing in bands. Somewhere along the way I learned guitar and eventually I just really wanted to start my own project, and get the songs I’d been writing out into the world.”

Who, or what, has inspired your sound?

“I think I’ve been inspired a lot by bands Ive played in over the years- usually four pieces with real instruments, nothing electronic. I think there’s something really visceral and exciting about real instruments played by humans. I have also definitely been inspired by a weird mishmash of 90s grunge in terms of sound, and pop artists like Taylor Swift when it comes to lyrics and melodies.”

What’s your experience been like thus far as a woman in Music?

“As a female drummer I was the odd one out a lot in rooms full of men, but overall in my career I have had a really positive experience. There’s an amazing network of female musicians who support each other and are inspired by each other, I feel lucky to be connected with that.

As a solo artist I always aim to work with other female creatives wherever possible. Being an indie artist it can be frustrating seeing festival line ups that are so male dominated- that’s definitely something the industry needs to address.”

What’s the dream for your Music?

“I always dream about playing Coachella- I love playing live and I really want to play a bunch of festivals when possible. I’d love to be a tour support for someone like Courtney Barnett or Haim.

It sounds cheesy but I think my main dream is having my songs connect with people. I really have no filter lyrically so if someone listens and thinks ‘yeah I’ve felt that’ then that’s amazing. Having a room full of people singing those lyrics back- that’s always the dream right?!”

Do you have a piece of advice you’d give to fellow women in Music?

“My advice would be not to bend to the current trends of what you think you should sound like or look like. I think especially with female artists there’s a tendency for the industry to be really into a particular sound and try to shape everyone to that.

But the most interesting things always happen when you create freely and naturally, and just be yourself and don’t apologise.”

What can we expect from you next?

“I’m playing a virtual festival called Wales Goes Pop, where I’ll be playing some released and unreleased tunes- it should be a fun one! I’ve just released a single called Silver Screen, which you can listen to on any streaming platform/YouTube! I’m hoping to throw myself into gigs as soon as possible so keep your eyes peeled for gig dates.”

Packed full with musical prowess, immense instrumental skill and some perfectly punchy vocals Aderyn is a striking artist rising through the Alt-Rock ranks.

You can follow Aderyn on

Twitter: @aderyn_music

Stream her music HERE

Written By: Jessica Rowe