Barry Noakes brings us a hearty dose of folk, country and indie with debut album ‘A New Dawn’

Heart warming and soothing, Barry Noakes is set to release his debut album ‘A New Dawn’ on 1st May.

The Glasgow based singer-songwriter firmly establishes himself as one of Scotland’s most exciting sounds, as he brings us a folky blend of country and indie tracks.

Barry Noakes is a talented multi-instrumentalist who has been honing his skill and ability in violin, viola, piano and singing from an early age. A master of his instruments, Barry Noakes’ tracks are full of bright acoustics and easy-listening guitar solos.

Noakes has truly done it all, from studying classical instruments, to playing in bands as a uni student in Coventry, before eventually moving to London to work in software development with music taking a backseat.

But with ‘A New Dawn’ Barry Noakes is finally able to grow into his real and authentic sound.

Finding himself settling down in Glasgow, Barry Noakes fell back in love with the joys of songwriting. Inspired by a broken relationship, Barry rekindled his musical flame, playing solo around the Glasgow scene and dedicating his time in lockdown to recording in his home studio.

His turn in fortunate led to the creation of Barry Noakes’ stunning debut album ‘A New Dawn’.

‘A New Dawn’ has a sense of brightness; a light feel that leaves the listener feeling truly refreshed. A breath of fresh air, Barry Noakes creates emotive yet uplifting tracks to tug at your heart strings.

“Broadly speaking the album follows me from the point of the separation to thoughts of a brighter future and reconciliation with the past. I don’t like miserable though, so it’s all coloured with refreshing honesty and humour.”

Barry Noakes on Debut album ‘A New Dawn’

‘A New Dawn’ reaches that perfect balance between light and dark, an equilibrium that brings peace and harmony to the Barry Noakes sound.

The album brings a release for the listener; produced to perfection, your ears will have no complaints when hearing the ‘A New Dawn’ project.

A true triumph, ‘A New Dawn’ is a striking debut for Barry Noakes. It’s set for release on 1st May and available on digital, CD and limited-edition vinyl.

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