One of Scotland’s most promising new artists, Indoor Foxes is our next Woman in the Spotlight

Hailed as a rising star on the Scottish scene, and a FIRM one-to-watch for 2021, Indoor Foxes is the next woman in music we’re championing.

Gritty and moody, Indoor Foxes is an Indie-Pop artist paving a way for herself in music. Her tracks come packed full with driving guitars, attitude filled vocals and effortlessly grooving beats.

Indoor Foxes’ latest release Peach Stone is a funky indie tune landing the young talent on publications and radios across the UK. The track is a bouncy number, with a moody tone contrasted perfectly by the tracks feel good instrumentality.

We caught up with Indoor Foxes to find out a little more about her.

Let’s start at the beginning, how did you find yourself in Music?

“I’ve just always done music since I was little. I wanted to write songs and I just started doing it like without really thinking about it. I have quite a cathartic approach to music so maybe I started as a means of self soothing in a sense.”

Who or what inspires your sound?

“It’s hard to say a specific who or what with music inspiration. I’d have to say just the people around me and that I work with. Especially my family. Both my brother and my dad are musicians and my Mum’s taste in music has really impacted mine so our eclectic familial music had made me what I am.”

Indoor Foxes’ next release ‘Mr Yellow Eyes’ lands on February 26th!

What’s your experience been like thus far as a woman in music?

“I have to say that generally I’ve had good experiences but I also never ever take peoples shit. You can’t be scared to be scary. My age also impacts this. A lot of the time people take me under their wing and look out for me because I started gigging quite young and other women and men have made sure I’m looked after.”

What’s the dream or vision for Indoor Foxes?

“Oh wow. I find this hard to answer because I’ve never really know what the dream is with Indoor Foxes. I’d love to play at the Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow because of the spring floor I just think it would be so cool. And I’ve recently been listening to SO much Pheobe Bridgers so it would be absolutely sick to play or collab with her. Maybe one day it will happen.”

“Don’t take peoples shit – now that doesn’t mean be nasty because that will get you nowhere. Kindness is always vital no matter who you are. But on a woman to woman level you gotta take a machete and hack yourself a space in the industry that suits you.”

Indoor Foxes’ slice of advice on making it as a woman in music

What can we expect next from you?

“I have the new single Mr Yellow Eyes coming out on February 26th, but I also have some more visual stuff and physical stuff coming that I’m doing with Classy Lassy. Hopefully gigs soon as well but all in due time!”

Indoor Foxes is an act we feel truly excited. Her raw and genuine passion for music is palpable; with her love for sound firmly interwoven in her instrumentality and melodies.

Singles such as ‘Peach Stone’ are Indie-Pop perfection, funky and flowing the track begs to be heard live. We imagine Indoor Foxes can put on one hell of a show.

With a vocal delivery that is unapologetically Scottish (and yes that’s a good thing), Indoor Foxes is surely one of Scotland’s biggest breakthrough acts for 2021.

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Written By: Jessica Rowe