Electro-Rock duo der Mist bring us a sneak preview of their stunning debut album

Raring to go, electro-rockers der Mist are on the cusp of releasing their outstanding debut album.

The self-titled album is set for release on 26th February, and features a truly eclectic mix of rock, pop and electro sounds that transport you into another realm of listening experiences.

The Glasgow-based der Mist are comprised of talents Craig McKissick and Ali Whitty; both multi-instrumentalists, their sound is heavily textured, layered and full of glorious depth. Having both been a part of larger Electro groups in the past (Crash My Model Car and Augusta Fireball) the duo have found true musical unison in each other.

The first taste from the der Mist debut album comes in the form of the single and accompanying music video for ‘It’s Alright’. Grooving, driving and energetic, this track injects a magical sense of movement on even the slowest of days. Vibrant and zesty, der Mist have an infectious and bouncy style that leaves us wanting more.

“It’s Alright was the first track Ali worked on with me when I was 16 that I can distinctly remember having this feeling that we were on to something – that’s why it’s the debut track. Like a lot of tracks on the album, it went through so many versions. I remember at one point it had so much going on, I was getting carried away layering up sounds trying to turn it into a drum ‘n’ bass dance track. After hearing it, Ali swiftly decided we had to go back to basics and get the core elements of the demo and turn them into something better.” Craig on ‘It’s Alright’

Avoiding the usual trappings and creative differences common in larger bands, der Mist work together in perfect harmony to create vivid and intriguing tracks.

Abandoning all studio trickery and gimmicks, der Mist are committed to making an authentic and candid artistry. The duo even bring us vlogs depicting their wonderful music-making process; from name choosing to studio sessions, der Mist are sharing every step of their journey with fans.

Open, honest and raw, der Mist are unafraid to share their true selves, while they’re capable of generating a sound that resonates with the listener and candidly connects them to the duo.

With oodles of dynamic energy and infectious bounce, der Mist are an exciting Electro-Rock act breaking on to the scene. Fired up and ready to go, the duo are ready to get the world grooving.

Debut album der Mist is set for release on 26th February. In the mean time you can follow them here:




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