Up and coming artist Tash Caesar releases new single ‘Human’

A young writer with a passion for the unique genre of ‘grungy folk music’, sounds interesting right?

From South East London, with Caribbean heritage, Tash has already released her first album ‘The 13th’ and is clearly a star in the making.

In her own words, she’s a “practising musician firstly, and is still practising on being simply human”. She believes “music should be many shapes, not to be looked at but to be experienced”.

If that wasn’t cool enough for you, the artist creates her music in her own back garden, lovingly called ‘The Afrotreehouse’.

Her new single ‘Human’ is all about “an outsider seeing someone else’s life, emoting the awkwardness of our basic understanding of how to interact as human beings”.

The track starts off with a really powerful bluesy bass line, hooking me in straight away. Alongside the rhythm, the haunting vocals ring through from the very beginning.

The depth and tone of Tash‘s voice really helps her to control the song and make it her own. Although their might be a number of instruments and sounds mixed in to the track she makes sure her voice is the star.

Throughout the majority of the track, she includes a percussion sound to offset the mellow notes of the other instruments, giving the song a bit of extra life an energy; a very nice touch.

Midway through however, Tash shows us that she’s not a one trick pony by adding a more modern feel to the track with certain otherworldly noises, giving the track and uneasy and natural feel.

I feel like I should hate the track for bringing what can only be described as extraterrestrial sounds into the beat, but it actually works really well!

To top it all off, she uses her bass skills to sign off in a calming manner, exactly how she begun. The full circle takes us on a journey of her musical abilities, of which there are many.

With a single this good, it’s not surprising to hear she’s already enjoyed plenty of success. Tash has had the privilege of performing at many London venues like The Good Ship, The Amersham Arms and The George Tavern.

The artist was quickly snapped up by the label Quickfix Recordings. Already having set up a date for the release of ‘Humans’, it’s clear they too think she’s a real talent.

Tash says ‘being part of a singles-club is quite retro, like the original indie vibe of the label folding sleeves on the kitchen table and writing a note to each singles club member’.

She’s got it all this lady. Not just a singer, but a great writer and bass guitarist, watch this space!

The single is out now so treat yourself and give it a listen!

For more from Quickfix follow this link to their website

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