Meet singer Juga di Prima who’s revolutionising Chess

2020 saw us all fall in love with the game of chess again. The Queen’s Gambit was a break out hit for streaming giants Netflix, thrilling audiences worldwide and opening their eyes to the wonders of Chess.

Few can claim to have lived a life as exciting as the characters in The Queen’s Gambit , yet talented artist and avid Chess player Juga di Prima is one of them.

Since 2017, Juga has matched her love of Chess with her passion for music, bringing us some incredible chess-themed songs and curious conceptual music videos to boot. In just a few years Juga has established herself as a must-listen for Chess fans across the globe.

Now that Chess has made its way back into our hearts, make room for Juga di Prima.

Already recognised among Chess pros and fans alike, Juga’s tracks such as Tactical and Oh Capablanca have become thrilling soundtracks to the Chess game; considered by many to be some of the BEST chess songs ever written.

Intense and anthemic, Juga di Prima’s sound is the definition of atmospheric. Packed full of movement, power and vigour, Juga’s tracks such as Oh Capablanca would not be misplaced scoring a Bond film.

With the world of chess infatuated by her sound, Juga di Prima was invited to perform for the top chess champions at the Batumi Chess Olympiad, World Chess Championship in London, European Golden Pawn in Montecarlo and Global Chess Festival Budapest, to name a few.

Full of warmth and intensity, Juga’s witty, chess-inspired lyricism has become a huge hit with the wider chess community and it’s not hard to see why.

2021 is set to be the year of women in chess, with Juga’s plans for the audio-visual event ‘Chess Divas’ well in motion. The show, set to be featured on Norwegian Television channel TV Norsk, will celebrate the achievements of women in chess from 1930 to present day.

Driven and determined to encourage women in the chess game, Juga’s musical mission has garnered her national coverage on top tier media outlets including Sky News, BBC World Radio and The Guardian.

An ambassador of women in the wonderful game that is chess, Chess Divas features songs in collaboration with Russian ex-world women champion, Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk.

Intelligent and accomplished, Juga di Prima’s music is fuelled with her genuine passion and adoration for the Chess game.

“Chess is a mirror of life, a treasure of humanity.”

Juga Di Prima

Ready to inspire the masses, Juga di Prima is a pioneer in linking the worlds of music and chess.

Performed with passion, fearless feminine energy and a fiery love for chess, Juga di Prima is set to become the leading musical voice of the game.

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