Ukrainian Rockers In Signs bring us a Knock out new single

Melodic and grooving, Kyiv-based rockers In Signs are back and pack a punch with brand new single Knock Knock.

The powerful three-piece band bring a sturdy rock sound like no other, fusing twisted melodies with wondrous key changes and anthemic builds that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Explosive and booming, Knock Knock is another stand-out single from the rhythmic rockers. Accompanied by a lyric video you won’t want to miss, watch the video below:

The first of several stunning singles coming from the band this year, Knock Knock is a definite track to put In Signs’ hefty stamp on the rock scene.

Full of gusto and authentic passion for rock, In Signs are ready to put the love back into the genre. Frontman Arsen explains:

“It’s so important to be true with people who listen to your music a this is our main goal. There are a lot of artists nowadays but not all of them are doing art. We want to prove that music is not about money, it’s about the passion of your life…

I’m a closed person and making music and writing lyrics is a perfect way for me to communicate with people. I become a songwriter by chance. I didn’t want to be a musician, it just came up after my first tattoo which is Metallica’s song title ‘Nothing Else Matters’.”

If you’re looking to put some fire into your day, then look no further.

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