Classic bands are out performing new artists on streaming services

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Up-and-coming pop stars are facing “massive competition” from classic bands like Queen and the Beatles due to streaming, MPs have been told.

Any artist at the start of their career has “got the last 50 years of the music industry to compete with,” Peter Leathem of rights society PPL said.

“Ultimately, you’ve got some of the most talented people in our society [who] are struggling to make a living.”

He was speaking to a parliamentary inquiry into the impact of streaming.

Last year, three of the UK’s top 10 best-selling albums were Greatest Hits collections from artists whose career peak came in the 1970s – Queen, Elton John and Fleetwood Mac.

At the same time, only one British debut album – KSI’s Dissimulation – sold the 60,000 copies required to be awarded a silver disc.

Leathem said increased competition for fans’ attention on streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music meant that “everyone is fighting” for a share of a “smaller pie”.

The heated debate around the streaming service format continues…

Reported By: Jessica Rowe